Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tether Bball Moments...

tether (tet̸h′ər)
a rope, cord, etc. fastened to something to prevent drifting, escape, etc.;
a rope or chain as to keep it within certain bounds
This is a first for me....the first time I have not used one of my own pictures in a blog post! I'd love to use my own picture but we don't have a tether ball pole anymore.

So why did I need a picture of a tether ball pole?
I have been thinking a lot lately and to be honest, I have times that I feel picked on by life. I problems could always be worse and I know that for many they are. It's just that the more I think about the trials and challenges that life brings to each of us, the more I think that it is not so much the magnitude of the challenges we face but rather the attitude in which we face them. What is a mere annoyance to you may be huge for me and vice-versa. It is all in the attitude we have. Some days my attitude is good and some days it really could use an overhaul. I believe it's that way for most of us.

But, today I was feeling pretty beat up by life. My emotions were hard to keep in check but I managed to put a smile on and answer "we're doing good" when people asked how we are. I think that "we" as a whole are good. It's the me that doesn't feel like I'm doing good. But experience tells me I will live through the emotional pain that I feel and eventually I really will be "good"; it's just gettin' there that is hard.

So as I thought on the things that our family is facing I thought that through all of this, no matter what I am feeling, I KNOW that I am Connected to my Heavenly Father through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Right now I feel very much like a tether ball being hit around, tossed to and fro, slammed by a fist out of nowhere. But in it all I am Connected -- I am solidly Tethered to a loving Heavenly Father. I'm not going anywhere because I am connected to the Father through His son, Jesus Christ, by the power of His atonement. So while I can't escape the trials we are going through, I am Fastened -- we are Fastened. We are safe because He is the Anchor. We are Tethered.


Patty said...

That is a great analogy! We do all have our different trials. Some seems worse than others, but I really wonder if they are because we all "feel" these trials in a similar way. But knowing where we are 'tethered' helps us to weather the storm. And some days are just gonna be better than others!

John and Erin said...

I thought of your family today in sunday of the things we discussed was the first vision, and some of the important lessons we learned from that momentous event. The one thing that was mentioned that I had never before realized was that Good will always overcome or overshadow evil/bad. That Joseph was over come with the darkness first but that it was significant that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared after. This was significant because so many times in life, we feel overcome by darkness in whatever form it may be (grief or trials) but we must remember that the "Pillar of Light" will shine through...That the darkness is merely a test of strength and diligence. You will be rewarded will a "brightness and glory that will defy description." Anyways...I just wanted to share that with you. Hope it made sense and it wasn't too much of a rambling! We are thinking about you guys and sending all our prayers your way!

Debbi said...

This is awesome Loretta. You are an amazing writer. This is the perfect analogy. Most importantly remember that you are tethered, in many aspects. Sending much loveand keeping Tim, you and the kids in our thoughts and prayers.