Monday, December 31, 2012

My Funny Family.....2012

A few laughs from 2012.... 

On a summer's day I was puttering around the house when suddenly this appeared out the window (coming from the upstairs bedroom window!) 

And then this.....
I think these are from the "Stunt Double Barbie" series.
Playing with Barbies sure has evolved. :) 

When getting pictures off the camera one day I found this picture that Annah took of herself using a seashell as a unicorn horn...hmmm.

And who can't resist taking picture of food that resembles a face... :)

Even Tim gets in on the fun sometimes.... 
What made him even think of doing this?

Upstairs in the hallway is a wall of family pictures that we periodically add to when we find a worthy photo.  Jordan came home in September from BYU-Idaho and we showed him the wall that was new since he had been away. 

We showed him this picture and said it was of his great grandmother....

He didn't question it and just said, "oh."  Later he walked past it and it looked like this.....
That got a bit more of a rise out of him!  BWHAHAHAHAHA!  We found it for Halloween and though it would be funny. The joke is over but for some reason it is still hanging on the wall today. :)

And Jacob's find of the year....a box of breath mints!  BWHAHAHAHA -- love it!

The poor man's speaker....  Annah's iPod wasn't loud enough for us to hear her Christmas music so this was the solution....  It really works too! :)

Each Christmas I make bags of white chocolate covered popcorn to give away. I made tags for my bags and Abigail made tags for her bags. 
Abigail was practicing her writing and wrote, 
"Merry Christmas whoever you are!" 
Her practice tag got mixed up with my tags and I attached it to a bag of popcorn! Luckily I saw it before I gave it away and changed the tag -- that would not have been good at all!!

This was our Christmas countdown on Christmas morning...

Found this on the board in the kitchen the other day....

And found this in the fridge today...
Tim had written on it so no one would drink it before New Year's Eve but then Jacob had other ideas.....

Then later someone else had another idea....

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  You can't tell from the picture but it is a board that stands about 4 feet tall and is painted like Santa.  Each year when I take the Santa board out I smile. When Abigail and Annah were just little -- about 5 and 3, they would always kiss this Santa! It continued for some years. I am pretty sure they don't do it anymore...I am right about that, right girls?  Please say yes. :)
 But the Santa board still makes me smile.


Tim hugged and kissed me one day...
Abigail: PDA! PDA!
Me: PDA??
Abigail: Public Display of Affection.
Annah:  You can do that on your own time!! 

Discussing the glistening strands appearing in my lovely brown locks...
Annah: Mom, you should color your hair.
Me: I am not going to color my hair.
Annah: You can use a black Sharpie! 
(Yeah girl, there's a plan!)

Discussing the fact that the dishwasher emptying and and reloading wasn't happening....
Tim: Who's the dishwasher?
Me: What is a dishwasher?
Tim: A two footed creature that asks for money to go to the mall!  
(Dad's are sooo smart!) 

Farewell 2012.  You've been a fun.  And thanks for all the laughs, gang!! :) 

  Christmas Eve 2012
Left to Right: Jordan (22) Annah (13) Ella (3 1/2) Jacob (18) Emma (11) Abigail (15) Mystic (8), Andrew (25)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

May we never be so focused on getting
gifts and presents that we forget to 
receive the gift of His presence.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Will Find Me...

Ahh, it is Christmas Eve. :)

We are continuing our family tradition of going to see a movie this afternoon. It's not so much which movie we see but that we go. Some movies we've seen on Christmas Eve were not something I would pick but the popular vote trumps all other selections.  Every now and then I can be found to be napping in the theater.  I am not sure if a nap is in order yet for this year's movie pick. We are going to see the Hobbit. :)  Two of the boys have already seen it but really wanted to see it again and everyone else seemed to be on board with that as well so the Hobbit it is!  

We went to see The Hobbit and we all enjoyed it.  I will admit to napping a time or two but was promptly nudged when I did. :)  

After the movie we came home, had hot chocolate and read from the scriptures about the birth of the Savior.  After reading we each shared memories of Christmases past then the kids each opened a present.  Each year the kids draw names and they get a present for the person whose name they drew and that is the Christmas Eve present that they open. 

The stockings were hung from the chimney with care....

Annah with her gift from Abigail

Annah showing the back...Abigail's taping job....masking tape!!

Abigail with her present from Annah

Jacob with his from Andrew

Andrew with his gift from Jordan

Jordan with his gift from Jacob...yes, with part of a hamburger wrapper that was tangled in the wrapping! Those Twinkies might be worth a lot of money on eBay!

 Kids, cats and dog... :)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Photos....

In October we had some family pictures done.  
We don't get them done often. We had some done in 2005 just before young Tim was leaving for his 2 years to the Canada Montreal Mission and we had some done in 2009, just before Jordan left for his mission Brazil. The 2009 picture was missing both young Tim and Andrew. And now, this current family picture was missing young Tim. (He is married and living in Tempe, Arizona so he isn't near by to join us this time.) But, 5 of the six kids were here and on a cold, blustery Kentucky day we met up with Kim Conner, who works with Tim.  She does photography on the side and she offered to take our family pictures as payment for Tim always fixing her computer. :)  I love her work!  

We had such a fun time laughing and shivering from start to finish! Thanks Kim for the magic you work with your lens!

You can click on the pictures to see a larger version of each. :)

Jacob age 18

Andrew age 25

Jordan age 22

Abigail age 15

Annah age 13 (it was her birthday the day we did the pictures!)

This is the picture that the girls like the best.:)