Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Need A Little Christmas...

Ahhh, December, I do love you! Cold weather, each day hoping for snow, Christmas lights and list goes on.  It really is "the most wonderful time of the year"! 

At the very end of November we were driving out of our driveway one day when a voice from the back seat said, "I feel like such a loser! We are the only ones with no Christmas decorations up." BWHAHAHAHAHA!  Poor Annah.  What a shame she has such loser parents who didn't put up decorations at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving.  

Nope, not us...because we were sleeping in after an almost midnight run to Target for a little (VERY little) Black Friday shopping!  Yeah, what a mistake that was. You'd think that we would "get it" after all these years that we are not cut out for Black Friday shopping.  The only reason we do it is that the girls love the thrill of it even though we don't buy enough to even justify the traffic back ups, the crowds and long lines! 

This year we stood in line at Target for 1 hour and 45 minutes to purchase 3 DVD's, 1 CD, a wallet, a scarf, a 5" bottle brush Christmas tree, and a purse.  Yup, that was it.  But, we did have a delightful time laughing and cutting up with some girls behind us.  As the long line weaved through the store aisles one of the girls picked up a candle and smelled it.  Apparently she didn't think anyone but her friends could hear her when she smiled and said, "If a guy smelled like that, I would follow him!" Without missing a beat Jacob said, "What scent is that?"  BWHAHAHAHAHA!  The girl who said it turned 20 shades of red and became mute. :)  

But back to December.... We did manage to finally pull ourselves out of the "loser parent" category by getting some outside lights up, putting the tree up, making a gingerbread house, some cookies and a few crafts.   

The decorating committee....

The inspector... (cushy job!)

Annah got angel topper duty with Jordan being the anchor man. :)

Snowmen donuts...oh yeah!:)

The gingerbread house in all it's glory!

Jordan made the skiing Santa and I made the dog

Jordan, the proud sculptor of gumdrops...

Abigail making a sugar cone tree....

Annah's snowman....

The gingerbread house building team!

Abigail and Annah making snowman ornaments...

In the midst of the fun we've also had a bit of crankiness here and there. We are certainly not a "picture perfect" family but in the midst of the crankiness we continue to laugh and have a good time.  
This is a note that Annah wrote to her teacher (cookies included) to thank her for taking her home after her brother, who shall remain nameless, left her stranded at the school when he was supposed to pick her up. :(

Life lesson: Never eat the sugar cone trees....

 It's never good try to stand up a slumping snowman from behind because you run the risk of messing up his face...Abigail!

And never look behind the gingerbread house because you just
 might find a Snowman/Grinch massacre! 
(What happens behind the house STAYS behind the house!!)

  And the real indication of crankiness at home is reflected in the (hard to read) grocery list on the dry erase board:
Onion powder
Strawberry jelly
S'more pop-tarts
and a mystery person added:
Cheerfulness. :)

Gotta love this family...most days! :) Here's to another wonderful year 
 soon to be here!

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