Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From There to Here....

I am not quite sure how it happened but somehow, seemingly overnight, the hands of time swept by and my babies have grown up in the blink of an eye. In a world that before was made up of Cheerios and sippy cups has since given way to iPods and the latest fashion trends.  It became quite apparent the other day as I scanned through pictures that Abigail and Annah had taken of each other.  

They like to go on what they call a "picture walk" where they take pictures of interesting things around the neighborhood. We have seen pictures of bugs, mailboxes, flowers, signs, and lately, we've been seeing pictures that the girls have taken of each other.  They are either photographers or models in the making, I haven't decided which yet. :)  

It is in these pictures they have taken of each other that there came a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye as I thought of them as toddlers and wondered just how we got from there to here in what seems like so little time. 

How did it happen?  How did we go from here......

Love, love, love this picture of the girls!

Abigail as Batman! 

Annah with a cheesy grin!

Annah and Abigail when they were in a 
church production, Jesus the Christ. I love 
Annah's toothless smile!

To here.....

Abigail age 15

Annah age 13

The passage of time has changed their appearance but it can't change the love of a mother's heart.

Every now and then as I see these lovely ladies in the making, I glimpse the past and see them, for a split second, as they were some years ago.  It's usually when they are giggling and teasing one another, just like they did when they were young. I am glad they are still good friends and love each other as they do.  And, I am glad that they call me mom.

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Awww, you're making me cry! Stop it!