Sunday, March 1, 2015

What color are the shoes really?

Most Sundays Tim has early morning meetings to attend. When I say early morning I mean like getting up at 4:50 to be there for a 6:00 meeting. I slumber while he gets up, gets ready and slips out the door. He is usually back home by 9 or so to be able to attend church with us.

Today he got home and I heard him laughing in the other room. He came to show me what he was laughing about. Yup, he went to his Sunday meeting with one black shoe and one brown shoe! BWHAHAHAHAHA!

So what shall we title this picture?

"Why men shouldn't get dressed in the dark"

"Proof positive men don't notice what other men are wearing"

"Why men should not own more than one pair of shoes"

"I don't know, sometimes it's gold and white, sometimes it's black and brown!"