Thursday, April 23, 2015

Duck Feet for Dinner

Abigail landed her first job about a month ago. She is working at Cracker Barrel as a hostess. It's exciting to see her stepping into the "real" world, making her own money, and learning to navigate her new responsibilities.

One of her first obstacles was that she has been asked to two different proms on different days before she got a job. She was needing to have 2 Saturdays in a row off to be able to attend. She put the dates in and they originally turned her down to have the days off. She asked again and put down hours she *could* work earlier in the day of prom so she could do both. The first prom is this Saturday and she just found out her schedule today. I got this text message from her today:


I was excited for her and relieved that she didn't have to juggle working and getting ready for prom. Then I got a second text from her:

Can you plz make me some duck feet tonight for dinner to celebrate

Although no one outside of the Valenta family knows what "duck feet" are, I laughed out loud at her "celebration dinner" request. 

When the kids were little they always called bow-tie pasta "duck feet" and it has stuck ever since. :) They sort of do resemble duck feet!

Yes Abigail, in celebration of you not working on prom night we will have duck feet for dinner. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Signs of Spring

Oh spring! In the cold of winter I had forgotten that under the blankets of snow the ground held a secret waiting to be born. And what a glorious secret it was!





The trees and bushes have bloomed beautifully and the cows returned to the back field. 

Ella loves to be a guard dog to keep the cows away from the fence!

And as much as I don't like the black cows with the white faces (click the link to read about that), there is a new face in the field that I find really scary.....

 Even with that scary (to me) face in the field I am loving spring. 
Each spring I am reminded of the blessings of renewal.
Seven springs have come and gone since cancer called our name and each one reminds me of Tim's renewal and our renewal as a family.
Blessings continually abound.

Mark 4:27
"...and the seed should spring and grow up, and he knoweth not how."

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Yes I am the April fool. I should have known better.

My day started off with a soaking shower when I turned on the faucet! :( Thanks girls.  Since Tim wasn't downstairs yet I left the tape on there so they could have twice the fun getting us both wet. :)

When I sat down at the computer my mouse wouldn't move on the screen, I could see it on the screen but it was frozen. Great, I thought, now I can't look up what a nursing home ombudsman was after reading a story about an 80 year old woman in our town newspaper. I waited for Tim to make his way downstairs to ask him to see what was wrong with the mouse. 

He came downstairs and I reported my mouse problem (but not the faucet problem!). He went to look at it and I heard him laugh. I asked what he was laughing at and he said, "Someone put tape on the bottom of the mouse!" No wonder it didn't work. Tim only saw the tape but when I looked closer I saw this....

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love Nicholas Cage! :)

After the mouse incident Tim looked closely at things and warned me that he saw the sprayer taped down so I wouldn't get wet. I told him it was too late because I already got soaked but had left it for him. :) He decided to leave the tape on it so the girls would have a surprise when they turned it on but after two times of soaking himself he decided not to do that! Hahaha! I guess we are equally matched April Fools. :)

Happy April Fool's Day!