Sunday, September 16, 2012

Midnight Water Balloons.....

At midnight on August 25th Annah participated in a big event at the University of Kentucky. She attended with her friend and her friend's older sister. What was happening? It was  "The World's Largest Water Balloon Fight"  In a crowd of 11,000 people and with 200,000 water balloons the University of Kentucky still holds their title in The Guinness Book of World Records for The World's Largest Water Balloon Fight! 
The actual "fight" only lasted a few minutes (as you can see on the video links) but in that few minutes Annah was hit in the eye with a water balloon! We didn't know about it till she sent a text message the next morning saying that she had one green eye and one brown eye....what?  We didn't even know what that meant until messaging with her a little longer and then we got "the rest of the story".
Her green eye turned brown because she was bleeding inside her eye!  Her vision was blurry and cloudy and she had pain behind the eye that had been hit. We went to Lexington, where she had spent the night, and got her and took her to the doctor that very day and Annah spent the next 7 days on bed rest and being in a reclined position (never laying flat). During that week she was on steroid eye drops hourly, dilating drops twice a day and eventually, because the pressure in her eye was increasing, we had to add a third kind of drop twice a day to help lower the pressure. And we were at the doctor DAILY for the first 5 days, got to skip one day and went again the following day.  
Annah was cleared to go back to school after missing 6 days but was still on the three different drops every 4 hours so that meant I had to go to the middle school after I got done at work to give her the drops and then she was set until after she got home from school.  She still cannot run, swim, or jump but she can finally sleep laying down -- something she was most anxious to do! She was going stir crazy on bed rest as she couldn't read or do her iPod or any close up work. 
Looking at her you can see now that the blood has cleared from her eye but upon the doctor's exam that looks at the back side of her iris and cornea he can see there are still spots of blood. She continues on the steroid drops and the pressure drops and has more doctor appointments to look forward to because the pressure in her eye remains of concern. Perhaps when her eye is completely healed it will no longer be a problem but until then they are keeping a close eye on her....hahaha, no pun intended!  The dilating drops were ended a week and a half ago and although the size of her pupil has come down a little it is still pretty big! When her pupil was fully dilated she looked like the cat from Puss 'n Boots.... in one eye! :)
This is what her eye looks like now.....

So, who knew that water balloons could be such a dangerous thing?  Surely not us!  If she ever attends The World's Largest Water Balloon Fight again it is GOGGLES for her! That would pretty much guarantee she won't go! ;)