Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Church Girls

Ahh, my church girls.... Here are a few pictures that they apparently took with my phone while in church over a period of weeks given their wardrobe changes. :) 

"Yes mom, we ARE paying attention!"

Yup, sure you are! :)

Love the fingers.....

This past Sunday they had my phone for a while and handed it back. They then picked up their phones and said, "Sheesh Mom! What are you doing?"

I'll admit that I was clueless as to what they were talking about. Then they showed me that they both had received dozens of notifications that *I* had liked each and every one of their Instagram photos!!  Hahaha....they "liked" them all for me!! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What is this two hour delay you speak of?

With 12 snow days under our belt I guess the school district decided to shake things up a bit and go for a delay instead of closing. In my opinion the 2 hour delay was a test to see just how much 12 snow days have affected the education of our children and consequently, their parents. Read on....

This was the post on Facebook from Jessamine County Schools announcing the 2-HR Delay....

Jessamine County Schools will be operating on a 2-HR DELAY on 

Tuesday, February 11.
There will be no AM preschool, zero block high school classes, or 

middle school classes at JCTC due to the delay.

Doesn't seem so difficult, does it? Well, apparently it WAS. These are some of the responses to the 2 hour delay message:

Logan So what time will we go too sch

Tyler What time should I go to the bus

Carol My son has his first class of the day at JCTC instead of WJH. Should he report to WHS or JCTC? Thank you.

Becki Do they get out on their regular schedule????

Talaiya So I would go to school at 10 something since im in middle school at west jessamine.

Kimberly What If ur bus picks u up at 8

Sabrina WES starts at 10:00? Is that right? I know just ad two hours but just wanna make sure.

Hillary idk what time do send my child to the bus stop?

Amber So we don't have jctc for 4 and 5 today

Hannah so will the buses still come and what time?

Haley ok, but what time cause I don't wanna miss it , I usually get on around 7:21 - 7:25 , so I need to be at my bus stop when?

Jackie If you have a meeting at school scheduled at 830 would it be canceled

Haley are the buses gonna be picking me up still?

Kara So for elementary schools, school won't end until 4:50?

Dora so what time will JELV start

AprilRose what classes will we have to day

BriAnne People's inability to figure out the 2 hour delay is probably why they never use it! Good grief people it's not that hard!

Cody Tyler please pay attention, and read other posts. What does two hour delay mean? Delay your normal schedule 2 hours...

Karen Cracking up for sure!! Looks like we need some extended math class. This should not be this difficult. Kudos to the admin and kudos to jessamine county schools for using the delay our kids obviously need to be in school!!

Jenny I wouldn't have the patience to be the admin. for this page. I am cracking up.

Vivian Are yall really asking what time???? Shaking my head... and this is why we NEED to have school in session

Samantha Guys, seriously it's not hard to figure out. ADD TWO HOURS. Good grief.

Cody I apologize to you, Jessamine County Schools, for the people who do not read the previous posts, causing you to have to repeat yourself 700 times

Hollyanne Thanks Jessamine County Schools nice to see a two hour delay instead of close  see that Math really is needed since SO many can't understand how to add 2 hours to Reg time.... Geez if your school normally starts at 8 am then add 2 hours which makes 10 am start. WHEW that was hard.. oh buses if you normally get picked up at 7:05 then add 2 hours and pick up will be at 9:05 Instead. Oh that was harder my brain hurts now. LOL

Jason Did half of Jessamine county forget how to add. Wow (shaking my head)

Tara This is too funny. I need to stop reading the posts and get my kids ready for school. JCS operator behind the screen, I have said it before... you are awesome. Thank you for your time and efforts.

BWHAHAHAHA! You just can't make this stuff up! :) 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bright Spot

I think Mother Nature has heard my pleas for snow and she has given Kentucky a winter that I can be proud of! Ah, maybe not a lot of snow (the most we've had is maybe 3 or 4 inches at a time) but what she didn't give in accumulation she made up for in cold and ice! The kids have spent a lot of days out of school -- as of today they have been out for 12 days and there has only been one full week of school since they let out for Christmas break! We most always have snow days but this year we've had a lot more than what is normal for us. Some of the days off were for sub-zero temperatures, some for snow and some for ice. 

Recently we had freezing rain that coated the trees from top to bottom. When that ice came it closed school for several days and while we have not had temperatures above freezing since the ice came, the roads improved with time and salt. The trees, however are still wearing their ice coats and in the brilliant sun they appear to be dressed in diamonds!  It's more stunning than I have the ability to capture with my camera lens but I had to try. 

These next ice pictures were taken on a different day when the sun was not shining so the ice didn't sparkle but it was so massive I was awestruck!

I know there are many who have disdain for winter and I am thankful that I am not one of them. Winter doesn't make me murmur or make me grumpy. But for those that curse the days of winter remember,

"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn."
~Hal Borland~

So enjoy it while it is here! :)