Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Great Valenta Christmas Adventure Part 2

The Great Valenta Christmas Adventure
 A.K.A. An Arizona Christmas and a San Diego Wedding!
Part 2

On to Part 2....
After the wedding there were lots of pictures to be taken by the photographer and we took a few of our own.

The beautiful couple :)



Jordan with "Uncle" 
Funny side note...the photographer kept referring to Jeff as "Uncle". She would say,"Uncle, stand over here. Uncle, let's have you move to the left." Jeff  finally called to her and said, "You can just call me Jeff!"  Hahahaha! 

Abigail and Annah

Lisa and Tim

All the kids together except for Andrew. 
I cannot even begin to tell you how my heart longed for 
Andrew to be with us on this trip.

After the pictures at the temple, the new Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Valenta headed to the beach for more photos and then stayed the night in San Diego. We, on the other hand, bid goodbye to the animals and wise men from the nativity scene before we left. Sometimes I just have to pretend I don't know these people! :)

On our way from San Diego back to Rancho Cucamonga we went through LaJolla (gorgeous, gorgeous place!) and stopped to get something to eat there. Then on to Rancho....

Once in Rancho we went to the hotel where Tim and Lisa and Jeff had rooms and we waited with them until the time that McKenna's mom, Sue, would be back home. At that point we had planned to stay at her house for Friday and Saturday night. Jeff surprised us by getting the last room in the hotel for us to stay two nights so that we were all together in one place. It was the best surprise! Thanks again, Uncle! ;)  

Reception Decorating

Saturday morning began with meeting at the church to help with decorating for the reception later that evening. A lot of it was set up from the day before but there were still lots of things to be done. So we fluffed, hung, re-hung, pinned, primped, arranged and admired the beautiful room that was coming together so nicely! Sue had done so much work planning and creating and it was becoming more and more obvious as things were taking shape!

Jeff and Tim hung the lace panels

Annah and a staple gun...don't get in her way! :)

Joeli and Lisa at work

Lunch with the family after decorating

The Reception

Abigail, Annah, Tim and Jacob

Abigail, Annah, Jeff, Lisa,Tim and Jacob

So sweet!

McKenna has quite an arm on her...when she threw her 
bouquet she threw it all the way across the room 
and hit the wedding cake! Hahahaha!
(Look close at the picture and you will see the hit!)

Cutting the cake

McKenna with her new sisters-in-law!

Me with the newlyweds!

Love this picture!

This picture includes a family friend, Dawn(Hicks) Burrus, who grew up 
with our kids. Dawn was visiting her husband's family in 
California over Christmas and she drove an hour and a half 
to Rancho Cucamonga for Jordan and McKenna's reception! 
It was so good to see her again and such a surprise! 
The Valenta guys...

Always gotta get a crazy picture!

And of course we have to have a "Valenta frown" picture! 

One of my favorite pictures... 
He ain't heavy, he's my brother! :)

It was a lovely reception for a wonderful couple! We are so excited to have McKenna in our family. It's amazing how with the passage of time our family grows ever bigger and better. Welcome to our family, McKenna. We are so glad you are here!

Part 3 is to follow.....