Thursday, May 9, 2013

Messing Up the Punchline...

I have yet to perfect joke telling. I hear a joke and try so hard to remember it but I usually don't. If I do remember it, I forget *key* parts and then my joke ceases to be funny.  

For example, once I wanted to tell the family a funny/cute joke I heard during the day. When the time was right I said:

"Two worms were in a race.  It ended in a tie."

Tim and Jacob looked at me, both trying to figure out how that even made sense or why it was supposed to be funny. It was obvious it wasn't funny to them. They didn't get it.  

I was puzzled at why they were looking at me blankly. I began to wonder if I said something wrong so I re-thought it.  

Two worms...were in a race. It a tie..... hmmm. "Oops....Wait! Wait! I forgot something!" I admitted.

"Two SILK worms were in a race. It ended in a tie."

THAT got them laughing....a lot!!  In fact, Jacob laughed and liked it so much that he texted the joke to his friend exactly as I told it originally. Something tells me he's mocking me! :P  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Perhaps in Time...

I seem to be in a blog funk. I have seen this funk before. It comes when I put off writing about something because it is just too hard. The longer I put it off the harder it is to begin again. I have decided that I will finally write so I can move forward. 

My mother passed away on January 23rd. Tim and I and Jacob, Abigail and Annah made the trip back for her funeral. She was laid to rest at the Saratoga National Cemetary on my 51st birthday. 

This is how I remember my mother in my youth.

I have tried and tried to write since that time but it has been difficult at best. Perhaps in time I can find the words within me but I've decided that life goes on whether I can find the words or not. But it does not have to stop me from writing about other things that I can find the words for. 

  So, here I am to begin again.