Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Perhaps in Time...

I seem to be in a blog funk. I have seen this funk before. It comes when I put off writing about something because it is just too hard. The longer I put it off the harder it is to begin again. I have decided that I will finally write so I can move forward. 

My mother passed away on January 23rd. Tim and I and Jacob, Abigail and Annah made the trip back for her funeral. She was laid to rest at the Saratoga National Cemetary on my 51st birthday. 

This is how I remember my mother in my youth.

I have tried and tried to write since that time but it has been difficult at best. Perhaps in time I can find the words within me but I've decided that life goes on whether I can find the words or not. But it does not have to stop me from writing about other things that I can find the words for. 

  So, here I am to begin again. 

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Anonymous said...

Well said.