Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Yes I am the April fool. I should have known better.

My day started off with a soaking shower when I turned on the faucet! :( Thanks girls.  Since Tim wasn't downstairs yet I left the tape on there so they could have twice the fun getting us both wet. :)

When I sat down at the computer my mouse wouldn't move on the screen, I could see it on the screen but it was frozen. Great, I thought, now I can't look up what a nursing home ombudsman was after reading a story about an 80 year old woman in our town newspaper. I waited for Tim to make his way downstairs to ask him to see what was wrong with the mouse. 

He came downstairs and I reported my mouse problem (but not the faucet problem!). He went to look at it and I heard him laugh. I asked what he was laughing at and he said, "Someone put tape on the bottom of the mouse!" No wonder it didn't work. Tim only saw the tape but when I looked closer I saw this....

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love Nicholas Cage! :)

After the mouse incident Tim looked closely at things and warned me that he saw the sprayer taped down so I wouldn't get wet. I told him it was too late because I already got soaked but had left it for him. :) He decided to leave the tape on it so the girls would have a surprise when they turned it on but after two times of soaking himself he decided not to do that! Hahaha! I guess we are equally matched April Fools. :)

Happy April Fool's Day!

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