Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Photos....

In October we had some family pictures done.  
We don't get them done often. We had some done in 2005 just before young Tim was leaving for his 2 years to the Canada Montreal Mission and we had some done in 2009, just before Jordan left for his mission Brazil. The 2009 picture was missing both young Tim and Andrew. And now, this current family picture was missing young Tim. (He is married and living in Tempe, Arizona so he isn't near by to join us this time.) But, 5 of the six kids were here and on a cold, blustery Kentucky day we met up with Kim Conner, who works with Tim.  She does photography on the side and she offered to take our family pictures as payment for Tim always fixing her computer. :)  I love her work!  

We had such a fun time laughing and shivering from start to finish! Thanks Kim for the magic you work with your lens!

You can click on the pictures to see a larger version of each. :)

Jacob age 18

Andrew age 25

Jordan age 22

Abigail age 15

Annah age 13 (it was her birthday the day we did the pictures!)

This is the picture that the girls like the best.:)

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Dotti said...

Love the pics, great job, loved the little log cabin.