Monday, January 19, 2009

RED (Lobster) ALERT...Restaurant Bucket List...

Friday night we went to another place on the Restaurant Bucket List... :)

We got a kick out of the "You're in the Right Place" sign....we thought we were in Utah! :)

Is he hiding behind the menu? :)

So this is the problem when it's just the two of you going out and you try to take a picture of yourselves! :) One of us is just too short! We just couldn't get it right -- this was the best we could do!


Patty said...

Love the picture at the end! That is all I even like to take of myself personally so that would have worked out great!

Tyler and JoAnna Hamilton said...

I need a copy of your bucket list and the ones already purchased for you!

Love the pictures and hope all is going well!