Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get Well Wishes....

What a surprise yesterday when Abigail came home from school with a stack of construction paper cards made by the students in one of her classes. As I read each card I had a lump in my throat to see what these sweet 6th graders wrote to the father of their classmate. There were lots of get well wishes, promises to pray for him and words of encouragement for "Mr. T". :) It was so sweet.
Today Abigail called her dad to ask if he could come to her class tomorrow -- to the class of the children that wrote him the cards. Of course he would love to go tomorrow but another doctor's appointment beckons. He asked if maybe he could do it on Tuesday -- the day after chemo and radiation begin when hopefully he is still feeling well enough to be on display for "show and tell" before the effects of chemo set in.
It is truly amazing to see the outpouring of love and friendship from those around us -- those we know and those we don't. I think it is those angels "seen and unseen" -- what a lesson in love this whole experience is teaching.


Patty said...

That was really great! You guys ARE loved!

Marissa said...

That is the sweetest thing... who couldn't love your family though, you know??