Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year....Where's Julie?

We had John and Julie and their 5 kids over for our New Year's celebration and what a fun time!
We played one of our favorite games called Nertz that we play with Rook cards. We began playing games with John and Julie shortly after they moved here a few years ago. Tim and I thought it would be a good time to teach them the fast moving game of Nertz just so we could finally beat somebody at the game! So far we've succeeded! :) But, I am not sure for how long as John had his high score of 78 - that's a record...for HIM! Tim was thought to be the winner early on with his 107 score but that was so brief that I don't think it should even count! Now, Julie was impressive with her...69, was it, Julie? Okay...that doesn't sound good but considering each time Julie plays it's like her first time, it was great (she needs a refresher course every time...we love you Julie!) I was declared the WINNER (YESSSS!) and it was a good thing because John was threatening to stay as long as it took for him to win the game but I really think it's unreasonable for him to be here till summer. :)

Julie gave me a lovely New Year's gift.....she surprised me with pictures of herself and what a lovely sight...... She was in the frig, in the living room, in the hallway, on the bulletin board, in my shower...She was ALL over the house! :)

Here's to a New Year of good friends, happy times, and winning Nertz games!

And John........

Did you think I wasn't going to notice that you took a picture of yourself with my camera???? BWHAHAHAHA!

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Julie said...

Loretta, you are too funny!!! How did you find the energy to blog at that time of night (or morning?). What a bunch of CRAZY FRIENDS you wonder why we get along so well!!!! We had a very fun time last night, as we always do with you and your family.