Monday, January 12, 2009

Cancer Is So NOT Us...

This is one of my favorite signs on my frig. It's been there for 3 or4 years, maybe more. Who knew *I* was going to be the one to need the reminder. I may need this reminder many times in the coming days.
I am finding that things are bothering me that normally don't...or at least they didn't bother me as much as they do now.
Like today when I went to return a shirt to Wal-Mart and they wouldn't do it because I didn't have ID with me, only my debit card. As I stood there my eyes filled with tears as I left the counter with the shirt still in the bag. I went on to get the few things I was there to get, fighting back tears the whole time. Who cries because they need an ID to return a shirt? I say the blessing on our lunch and I cry. I don't feel like me. This doesn't feel like the life we are used to. I so want our typical banter back. I want to make Tim laugh. He's not in a bad mood -- just a quieter mood. And who can blame him. This is all just so NOT us. Cancer is so NOT us.


Marissa said...

Well, I kind of understand how you feel because I cried over things like that recently when I was pregnant but I know it's much different. But you have every right to feel the way you do-- I must agree. Cancer is SO not you guys... but being strong and faithful is... and I am pretty sure Heavenly Father knows this!

Patty said...

Hey Loretta,
Wal-Mart is, well, Wal-Mart (see my latest post) and they are enough to make someone in a "normal" situation cry! For you, just cry. You need to!