Saturday, January 3, 2009

Skating Into the New Year...

I've mentioned before that on Christmas Eve day we used to take our kids roller skating....the first 3 anyway. As the years passed and we got older we decided that going to a movie was safer than being lifted up off the floor on free spinning wheels. And, we didn't limp the next day. So our Christmas Eve day movie tradition was born and not a Christmas Eve too soon!

Since our roller skating days were with the first three kids, the last three really haven't known that tradition so don't really know how to skate either. Call us bad parents but that is just the way it is. Often it seems that our first three kids had different parents than the last three did. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or bad yet.

So our non-roller skating girls had free passes to roller skate over their Christmas break from school. Today is the last day they are valid so we HAVE to go....right? And we do.....

Their skates are
laced and they're
ready to go!

Poor Annah. The second she stepped on the floor she went down! This was her first time skating. Abigail fared a bit better (she's been a few more times) but it certainly wasn't the evening the girls had anticipated. :(

But the the lights on the floor made for some cool pictures as did the skaters on the floor flying by. :)

And the best part of the night was to see the big smiles on the girl's faces when we asked if they would like to ditch roller skating go to McDonald's to get a shake. :)

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Patty said...

Ha! Sounds fun anyway. I used to love to roller skate! We have a new ice rink that opened up nearby. I might give that a try...........