Friday, January 16, 2009

Muddy Shoes Blues...

Some of you might remember a few weeks ago when Jordan called at 1:00 am saying he was in the ditch. It was a rainy night and where he went in was pretty muddy. While there, Tim's shoes got kind of muddy as he helped Jordan. Since then we had not done a lot to clean off his shoes. It's just not something we thought a lot about once he kicked them off. But of course, each time he puts them on he thinks, "UGH! I didn't clean off my sneakers!"

Well, yesterday was not an exception.... (I have since cleaned them so he will be pleasantly surprised the next time he puts them on) :) Tim went to his radiation simulation appointment with, once again...muddy shoes.

He met with the people making his handsome radiation mask and he tells them, "Sorry about he muddy shoes. I haven't cleaned them since my son drove his car into a ditch." One of the guys with him replied, "That's okay, I have a father who had a son who did the same thing!" :) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a clever response!

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Patty said...

K, I am slow but after reading that a couple of time, I get it! Ha ha ha

And the word is hobo lain. ha ha ha again!