Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tim and Lisa's Wedding Pictures

Last night we finally got the pictures from Tim and Lisa's wedding that took place on August 22, 2008. The gal that did the pictures had sent us a beautiful video she put together with some of the pictures she had taken and also gave us another DVD with all the pictures on it that we could have prints made from. Well, the DVD wouldn't open so we had been unable to see all the pictures she had done. She came by last night to give us the original CD's so we could finally get a peek at her work. I would love to put ALL of them up here but that is not possible so I will post a few of my favorites.


Patty said...

Great Pics Loretta! Wow, you need to teach me a thing or two about pictures and blogs. I am having trouble with that part. I kept my word that I was not looking at the computer last night, but here i am again this morning.......AHHHHH

Patty said...

Hey, it is me again. I am responding to your response on my blog. Yes, our HOA does get final approval on our house colors. Believe me, we are one of the more color diverse neighborhoods around. Most of them all are one color! I was wondering if I respond to a comment you made on my page, does it just show up then on my page? I am going to try it by going back to my blog and respond. I know it will show up there. Let me know if it shows up in your email as well. Thanks