Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Fun.....

Last night was our ward Trunk or Treating. I made some of my witch's brew (a.k.a. chili!) to bring for the cook off. Sadly, I didn't win first place this year as I have two other years but it was first place with my family so I consider myself a winner!

Howard Stern? Ozzie Osborne? A pirate? Does the hook hand give it away?

The witch and the hippie!

The burning question....what did Jacob go as?????

A pink haired witch?

A green haired witch?

A glow in the dark skeleton whose bones were much too small????

Or a lovely Monarch Butterfly?

Well, for Trunk or Treating he wore the much too small skeleton costume and for the stake Halloween dance tonight he was a lovely Monarch Butterfly! BWHAHAHAHAHA! It takes a very secure young man to wear his sister's costume from two years ago!


Patty said...

Ah Loretta,
As our life goes, we are still in sync, posting at the same time!!! ha ha ha Loved everyone's costume! Our "trunk or treat" is tonight. I am a humbug! As in, I am not wearing a costume! Loving all your kids though!

Patty said...

Oh forgot, I am on my way to help you can! Actually, if you can get hold of a pressure canner, not cooker, but canner, I can tell you how to do it over the phone! Easy, peasy!

Kentucky Progress said...

I'm thinking Jacob will pay big money for the butterfly picture one day in the not-too-distant future!