Wednesday, October 22, 2008

May Your Joys Be Quilted....

This is a snippet of a cross-stitch project that I did many years ago that sits on a shelf in my family room. What a nice thought for the day! I decided that I really needed to think about this today -- letting my sorrows be patched and my joys be quilted.

At times I can be more focused on my trials than my joys. It is like driving down the road with rain on the windshield -- if you focus on the raindrops or even the wipers clearing away the rain, you cannot focus on what is before you. If you take your focus from the rain drops to what is ahead of you, you can see what is beyond your rainy windshield. I do believe that we have to look beyond our trials, beyond the rain. It doesn't mean the rain isn't there, it just means that your focus is different. I am striving to look beyond the rain.

Today I'm looking for rainbows........and I wish the same for you!

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