Monday, October 20, 2008

"He Looks Great...And You Do Too!"

Tonight for FHE we got our Trunk or Treat bags ready for the ward Halloween party happening this Friday night. We filled 80 bags with treats, played balloon volley ball with hands only then feet only.... :) Tim took a picture of me with my skeleton friend who rattles and shakes in his cage while pleading for someone to let him out..........
Well, after taking the picture we reviewed the above picture and said, (and I quote!)
"He (meaning the skeleton) looks great....and you do to!" BWHAHAHAHA! Thank you, Tim!

For that I am posting Tim's picture to expose him to all the world! :)

My Eternal Companion, love of my life, man of my dreams! I love you, Tim!!!!!

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Patty said...

YOu all three look great! Two of you look ready for Halloween. ha ha I won't say which two but you know I don't mean YOU Loretta! Sounds like your FHE was a blast. Time is interesting, you are finished with FHE and we have not even had dinner yet!