Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is not my pretty little porch but one I saw in Kirtland, Ohio. It just looked so "fallish" that it called to me to take its picture to capture the pleasantness I find in the season.

Last weekend Tim and I worked to put our garden to bed -- clearing away the dead and dying plants, pulling up the tomato cages that once held up the bounty of the fruits of summer, emptying pots of spent plants that produced such goodness not very long ago. Putting the garden to bed always makes me inhale deeply and smile, my invitation for colder weather to come. I love the cooler temperatures of fall, the cold nights that make me take out fuzzy socks to hug my feet and pull a soft, fleece throw across my lap to warm me. I love the cozy feel of fall dwindling into winter. Fall is like a welcomed friend after a scorching summer -- welcome, my friend. Come and let me enjoy your company!

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jayedee said...

wow! girlie! i didn't know you were such a great photographer! thanks for the glimpse into your life and welcome to the blogosphere!