Monday, October 27, 2008

Sprinkles and Flurries and Still-Life Bees....

It was a most delightful afternoon to leave school with the temper- atures chilly and rain coming down. What made it delightful was that before we could even get to the car the rain turned in to brief snowflakes then sleet! How I LOVE wintry weather and to have it so early makes it all that much more wonderful!

After making the rounds to the the middle school and high school to get the kids for orthodontist appointments, we went home quick to let them brush their teeth. As we were pulling into the drive way the weather forecast called for "sprinkles and flurries" and we all cheered!!!! WOO-HOO!

Once out of the car, we were surprised to see bumble bees on the Russian sage that looked as though they were frozen in time -- still, as though they were lifeless, but still clinging to the tiny blooms whose days are numbered with the freezing temperatures that are predicted for tonight and tomorrow night. As if that wasn't fascinating enough, we then found a very large praying mantis clinging to the door frame, moving ever so slowly, no doubt because of the cold temperatures. We had time to "play" with the mantis so we got a container, scooped it up and brought it inside.

4 inch long praying mantis the kids named Sasha!! :)

The mantis getting a little too friendly for Jacob's liking! He was the only one brave enough to play with her!

Snow flurries, sleet, still-life bumble bees, a huge praying mantis....what more could I ask for to make my day? Well, there was one more wonderful thing.....

Gas for $2.09!!!! I decided to take a picture because I may never see that again!
What a nice day!


Patty said...

Your day sounds delightful! I am so very envious of your 2.09 gas!!! Wow, I thought we had come down when I saw 2.73 today!!! You can keep the bugs and the snow, but send the gas prices our way!
(Actually, with the hum of the A/C in the background, I think the snow flurries sound wonderful!)

Marissa said...

Ok, so where was that??? I may need to drive to nicholasville to get gas! I thought $2.29 was cheap! (the prices here right now)