Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Happy List.....

Years ago I kept a list of "Things That Make Me Happy". Although I still think on the things that make me happy, it's been a long time since I've actually written them. I decided it was time for me to do just that -- list the things that make me happy. These are my first 10, in no particular order....

1. Purring cats

2. Laughing -- "I love to laugh - HA HA HA HA" (from Mary Poppins)

3. Crisp, crunchy apples

4. Making chocolate chip cookies and having the kids beg to eat the dough

5. Hearing the kids at the dinner table say, "Thanks for dinner, Mom!"

6. Helping my girls experiment with different hair styles

7. Jacob's origami creations

8. Autumn days

9. Finding notes that the girls have written to each other

10. Tim saying, "I love you, my lady."


Patty said...

I love your happy list, it made me happy just reading it! MMMMM and I miss those midwest crunchy apples. They are just NOT the same around here.

Marissa said...

I love your happy list too! Making lists like that have always made me happy as well

Patty said...

By the way, what is that a picture of? It looks very fun! A cookie jar??

Loretta said...

She is "Mrs. Pots" and she is a flower pot! I just loved her and wished I owned her had to settle for a picture verses risking theft charges! :) She belonged to my sister!

jayedee said...

this is my "awwwwwwwwww" moment for today! i took it as a gentle reminder to look for'll find it where you least expect it sometimes. thanks girl!