Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Laugh For The Day....

On Tuesday mornings I do the carpool thing and pick up a group of Seminary kids and deliver them to the high school. Jacob rides in our car and is usually pretty amusing with his antics and sense of humor. (He's much like his father!) This morning just before exiting the car he says, "Mom, I made my will in case something happens to me." I said, "Oh yeah? Well, be sure I get a copy of it before you die so I will know what do to with your things." He said, "Okay," and then handed me a paper. This is what it said:

My Will
I guess I'm dead. I hope it didn't hurt. If it did....ow. First of all, I would like to donate the left side of my body to science. I would like my alarm clock to go to my brother, Tim.
That is as far as he got and said he would finish it later. It just made me laugh...it's so Jacob. :)

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Patty said...

Hey Loretta! I guess Rhea talked Susan into a blog and has been helping her get it up and running. So,I happened to call her to see if she had heard from her new missionary yet (it has been a week). She told me she was fiddling with his website (can you believe they have websites now??) Of course MOM has to maintain it for him. Then she told me about her blog and I helped her get a background on it. While we played around, we saw you had commented. Wow you are fast! Did you find her through my blog?