Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little About My Little Life......

My little life...
I have been married to Tim for 23 years now and living happily ever after since. In that 23 year time span we have moved 5 times, had 6 kids, 8 cats, 2 goldfish, a few dogs, 3 lizards, and 2 hamsters. Currently we have 3 kids and two cats at home.

Tim works for a medical diagnostic company and it is that job that origianlly brought us here to Kentcuky 13 years ago. Kentucky is home to us now.

I am an instructional assistant at the elementary school when our youngest daughter attends. This is my third year there after spending 20 years as a stay at home mom. I do find it's a very "family friendly" job since I am on the same schedule as my kids are so when they are off school, I am off too. It's worked out really well for us. I can't see me doing this job long eough to retire from it but for now it works. This year I am only working 4 1/2 hours a day so it's been better for me. I have more time to be able to take care of the needs of my home and family.

Our oldest son, Tim (a.k.a Tim the Younger, as in Alma the Younger) just got married in August and has begun his new life with his beautiful wife, Lisa, from Ottawa, Canada. Tim served his mission in the Canada Montreal French speaking mission where he met Lisa's family. Lisa was on a mission in Japan at the time so he wrote to her and they began corresponding periodically over the next 10 months or so. They never met in person but come October 2008 when Tim returned home from his mission we took a family trip back east to New York (where I am from) and then up into Canada to see Tim's mission area. It was on that trip that Tim met Lisa in person for the first time and we met our future daughter-in-law and the rest is history. :)

Andrew is next in line and at 21 he is living nearby and working and trying to sort out his life. He's a good kid with a cloudy vision of himself. He's not yet realized how much potential he really has. One day he will have his eyes opened to be able to see how much he is loved by his Father in Heaven and by us. Till then we love him and pray for him and see him as often as his time permits.

Jordan is 18 and graduated from high school in June. He is attending the University of Kentucky majoring in boiolgy. He is toying with the medical field but isn't settled on what aspect of medical he wants. So he is enjoying college life, beginning to realize just how expensive it is to live in the dorm and liking being "on his own". Don't tell him I told you but I expect that by next semester he will be living at home and commuting to college because he will realize just how much money he can save! He's only about 15 miles away so it's feasible!

Then there is Jacob. He's 14 just started high school and is a computer wizard! He has truly amazing computer skills! I am sure he will go into computer work when he's grown up -- he knows too much NOT to! He has a wide range of interests and dabbles in everything from magic tricks to computer hacking -- he's a boy of many talents! :)

After those 4 boys came our two girls....
First there is Abigail who is 11 and is amazingly and suddenly looking so much more grown up. She is in her first year of middle school and never have any of our kids been as excited about middle school as she was. (Maybe it's a girl thing?) She loves dogs and horses , neither of which we own, much to her dismay. She begs for a dog nearly every day!

Then there is Annah who will be 9 next month. She used to be a shy little girl but is coming out of her shell more and more. I am thinking we are sooo in trouble! :) Life with girls is so different than with boys -- it's a whole new ball game.....uhhh, I mean tea party!

My little life continues on......

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Patty said...

Hey Loretta,
I love your blog and I love the name you chose for it! This will be a different perspective for us, I think. I mean, I use LDS Journal for my really personal stuff but this blogging thing has made me start to look at another side of my life, I guess the public side. But it also makes me take a look at my blessings in life, which are the things I would rather publish for the world to see.