Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missing Cookies And A Beautiful Sky....

Morning mystery.....who changed my desktop picture?

The picture was of cookies I had made a few weeks ago. It was such a nice (and yummy!) picture and I had no place to use it (yet) so I put it as the desktop picture. This morning, magically, the picture was changed to bright yellow tulips. Nice picture but definitely a spring picture, not fall.

I questioned who changed the picture when Annah finally confessed that she did. "Why?" I asked her. "Because every time I saw that picture of cookies it made we want some and we didn't' have any!"

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Valid point because I felt the same way! It was time to change the picture or my family was going to be in revolt demanding more COOKIES!

And.....on my way to bring Jacob to seminary this morning there was the loveliest of sunrises. That more than made up for the missing cookies. :)

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Patty said...

That was a beautiful sunrise. AND, I would invite you over for some of my cookies but they are all gone! I think I found them on my thighs!