Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Feet and Corn Bags.....

The colder weather is setting is was SNOWING tonight and our overnight temperatures are going to be about 25 degrees! Not that the snow will linger but it looked beautiful. For Family Night we lit the fireplace, put on some slippers, got out the corn bags and had our lesson.
Afterwards we had our regular treat..brownies! We make them just about EVERY Monday night -- slightly under cooked so they are just a tad gooey....yummy!

Family Feet...Tim, Abigail & Annah

Corn Bags...

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Patty said...

OOOOh! It all looks so cozy. We turn on our fireplace an in about a half an hour, we are flinging the back door open to cool the place down! 25 degrees is nearly, but not never, unheard of around here. Sounds good. I listen to 99.9 radio here just to get two months worth of Christmas songs to get me in the spirit. The weather doesn't do it! ha I want to try those corn bags, though. How do you make them?