Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come....

What a lovely day to pause and to think on so many wonderful things in life!

I know that we don't only think of things we are thankful for on the last Thursday of each November. A thankful heart can certainly be found on many other days throughout the year. But, that magical last Thursday just gives us reason to gather our loved ones together to share our hearts, our food and our memories, creating one more tie to bind us together. What a gift!

I think that Thanksgiving is perfectly placed on the calendar. What better way to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming celebration of our Savior's birth. For me, Thanksgiving is the signaling of the start of the true Christmas season.

Come, ye thankful people, come..... celebrate all that makes your heart grateful!

I am grateful for the wondrous gifts in my life ...
  • the great love of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and for His atonement that is not only for me, but all you will come unto him
  • my husband who brings great joy to my life through his love for me and through his commitment to and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • my children who have brought more learning and loving to my heart than I ever knew possible
  • the trials that have come to me.... I am a much better person than I could have ever been without them
  • forgiveness ~ forgiveness I have been given and forgiveness I have offered
  • the love of wonderful friends who make their way into our hearts and we now happily call "family" know who you are :)



Marissa said...

I love what you said about how Thanksgiving is at the perfect time of year to prepare our hearts for Christmas... how true that is!!

jayedee said...

i hope ya'll had a wonderful thanksgiving! we did and as usual, i ate entirely too much. still full this morning, but that didn't stop me from having cold stuffing for breakfast! lol