Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home of the Free and the Brave...

With today being Veteran's Day I have reflected on the fact that many in my family have served proudly in the U.S. military. It surprised me when I realized just how many heroes there are in my family.

My husband, Tim,(my #1 hero!) served in the Navy, as did his father. His four uncles (his father's brother's also served in the military -- all the brothers at the same time). My brother, Bill, served in the Navy during the Vietnam War; my brother Richard also served in the Navy and my brother Mark was in the Air Force. My father also served in the Navy. My uncle, my mother's brother, retired from the Air Force. How honored I feel to know such fine men who chose to serve and protect our country.

America truly is the home of the free and the brave and I am blessed to have so many of the brave in my own family. Thank you and I love you.

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