Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carrying On With The Business Of Life....

Back in August I bought a big bushel basket of mums to adorn the front sidewalk. They were beautiful -- full of bright yellow blooms and many more buds that promised to shortly deliver even more beauty. I was thrilled with my purchase. The hot summer Kentucky sun can be brutal on plants so I knew I had to keep it well watered and I did for quite some time.
As summer was drawing on, my beautiful plant didn't look quite as beautiful as it had when I first bought it but it was hanging in there. Even though it was being beaten down by the burning sun and was periodically panting for water, it still survived. Its once yellow flowers were now turning more brownish-yellow in color but it was still a very lovely plant...until October.
October brought less water than the earlier months (okay, I forgot to water the plant but Mother Nature didn't help out either) and my once beautiful mum turn brown -- flowers, leaves, everything -- as it died. Even in death it was attractive -- a bushel basket of dried mums. And besides, brown is and autumn color, right? So, I left it on the sidewalk and even decorated it with spider webs for Halloween -- it fit right in!
Then comes November with our nation's election. Yesterday was not what I had hoped for politically for our country and I've felt a little down about that. This morning I took Jacob to seminary and upon coming back home I saw my dried, brittle dead mum had the smallest splash of color. Could it be a new bloom amid the dead leaves and spent flowers? It was indeed! It was fascincating, in fact! I have not watered that dead plant for well over a month and we've had no rain to give it new life but there it was. It somehow survived its trauma and it is carrying on with the business of life.
How fitting for the day after the election. I think it is my symbol of hope. Yes, I worry about the direction our country is heading in with the election results in, but I also know that the God is in charge. He knows the beginning from the end and my trust is in Him. With that knowledge, in the end, we will be just fine.


Patty said...

What a wonderful analogy!! I love this flower, and its symbol. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I like the new picture of Tim and Lisa on the stairs........or has it been there and I just noticed?

Loretta said...

Thanks, Patty! The picture of Tim and Lisa on the stairs is new -- I changed out the pictures, all except the one of Jordan and Andrew.