Monday, December 1, 2008

O Christmas Tree....

Our tree went up on Sunday evening and the lights were put on. Tonight for Family Night we turned on the Christmas music and decorated the tree with the many, many ornaments we have collected over the years.

Each of the kids have ornaments that are specifically theirs. For most years we bought one ornament each Christmas for each of the 6 kids. Plus, there are the many homemade ones that make it to the tree each year. The tree gets loaded down with way more ornaments than most people would probably put on their tree but, it isn't their tree, it's OUR tree... And I like our tree. Each year I go through the same thing -- first, I grimace thinking it doesn't look very good but then it starts to grow on me. Especially when I realize that, in not too many years, most of these ornaments will be leaving home with the kids that they each belong to.

So, I let the kids continue to load up the tree with whatever ones they want on it. And I smile as they do. In fact, tomorrow we may look again through all the Christmas bins we have and see if there aren't just a few more they might want to add. :)

This Christmas it is our job to gather up the ornaments that belong to our oldest son, Tim, and sending them on to their new home...HIS home, with his new wife, Lisa, to celebrate their first Christmas. It is just a little sad that the day has arrived that I always knew would come.... the day when I would pack up their ornaments and send them to their new destination to, hopefully, begin a new tradition in their own family.

Christmas is such a lovely time of year -- full of love, tradition and promise.


Patty said...

All your Christmas postings are making it feel a lot like Christmas around there, and here. We did our outdoor lights tonight for FHE and got our traditional egg nog shake from McDonalds. Ran out of night so we need to do more lights later. Your tree is beautiful and we load ours down as well!

Marissa said...

I love Christmas trees loaded down with ornaments... especially sentimental ones. That's how I hope our Christmas tree will look down the years. We have also started the tradition of buying ornaments for our children... although so far we've only bought 3... 1 for joselyn last year and 2 for each of our babies this year. What a great tradition! I'm sure Tim and Lisa will enjoy putting up all those ornaments that have been collected over the years.