Friday, December 26, 2008

A Lovely Christmas...

The biggest surprise of Christmas this year was when Jordan brought out a new guitar for his dad from all of the kids (young Tim included) and Tim's brother, Jeff.

The card they gave with it had a note written from each of the kids at home and was enough to cause Tim and I to have leaky eyes. What a thoughtful thing to do -- especially this Christmas when only weeks ago our lives were turn upside-down. And to think that when Jordan planned this our lives were right side up!

Tim needs to play more to build up those callouses on his fingers again! :)

Blizzard being guarded by Emma -- one false move
and he is cat food!

Although the girls say they don't believe in Santa anymore, Santa still left his annual letter to our family. Santa has been leaving letters for us for many years now. We hope for many more....

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Patty said...

That was a very thoughtful gift your children planned. It takes work to pull something like that off. Good for them! Mom has been a great example to them!