Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I Love About You....Jacob

Ahh....where do I begin with Jacob? Jacob is the fourth boy in our family and he has been a character from the beginning! He has always been full of what he thinks are good ideas...fortunately for us, SOMETIMES they are. :) Jacob turns 15 in February.....

What I Love About Jacob......

*His blue eyes
*His love of Origami

*His interest in soooo many different things

*That he retains so much Useless information to be able to have conversations about almost anything :)

*He has Awesome computer skills

*That he has taught himself songs to play on the Piano

*He's the Life of any party

*He amazes people with his MAGIC tricks

*His great sense of Humor

*That he's taught himself some Japanese

*He wears PINK ties

*He's not afraid to dress up like a ButterFly for Halloween

*He likes old Newhart episodes

*He's very creative

*He is an ExCeLlEnT artist

*He keeps 2 liter bottles of soda in the frig at church so he can drink it in the morning before Seminary

*How he looks up to his Oldest Brother

*That I have to check EVERY pocket of ANYTHING he wears or something will get washed that isn't supposed to be washed....Pen Guts, pieces of PapeR, eRaSeRs, MP3 PlayeR, batteries, Glue sTicKs, name it and it's in his PoCkeTs

How much he is like his DAD

He loves His MOM (You KNOW you Love Me!)

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Patty said...

Once again another wonderful post about your great children! Who are all growing up waaaay too fast! Because if Jacob is soon 15, then so is Brandon! By the way, check out the Sixth ward website I have on my blog. She has a teaser for the new year. You can add a comment asking her to include you in her email list. She totally won't mind at all. In fact, she probably has lots of additional people she is sending the stuff to.