Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And Thank You Too....

I was reading Natalie's blog about how her friend nominated her as one of her favorite bloggers. As the recipient of that award Natalie was asked to do the following:
1. List 5 things she loves.
2. Name 5 people who she would like to pass this award on to

3. Give solicited love to the person who gave her the award

I was happily reading Natalie's blog when to my surprise I saw my name listed as one of the people she would like to pass the award on to! Wow -- thank you!

Okay....As the recipient of this award, I have now been asked to do the following:
1. List 5 things I love
2. Name 5 people who I would like to pass this award on to
3. Give solicited love to the person who gave me the award

5 Things I Love.....
I guess I can't list 5 out of my 6 kids, can I? ....I think that would be cheating and it would offend the one I would have to leave out since I could only pick 5 of them! :)

1. My Life..... There are times that I reflect on my life and I am overwhelmed at how lovely my life is because of Tim and our kids. It has been an amazing 23 1/2 years married to my best friend, the person who loves me in spite of me. And the children.....life lessons are continuous with each of them and everyone one of them is life lessons in the making.

2. Snow....anyone who knows me will roll their eyes and think, "Not again!" Yes, I say it often in these winter months. I wish for it all the time and am like a giddy child if and when it does happen! The best part is that sometimes my wishes come true.

3. Springtime....yes, although I am a snow-lover, I am also in love with the spring in all its renewing of life. Spring is so hopeful, full of anticipation. I love to feel the warming of the ground, see plants begin peeking out of the soil and the trees sporting swollen buds that soon leaf out into lush green splendor..... oh, spring is wonderful! By winter's end I am always anxious for a little spring.

4. Snowmen....yes, right up there with snow! The two go hand in hand -- you can't have one with the other!

5. The music of Celtic Women. It is heaven listening to their clear, pure voices. I love their Christmas CD -- I am sure it is what the angels sound like when they sing. :)

5 People Who I would like to Pass this Award on To.....
5. Shay

Now for Natalie..... :)

When I think of Natalie "amazing" comes to my mind. She has amazing insight, amazing strength, and amazing faith. What a pleasure to know her and to love her!

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Tyler and JoAnna Hamilton said...

I'm so glad I found your blog via Natalie's!! Hope you don't mind if I follow!