Monday, December 15, 2008

Storm Warnings & Klondike Bars

Winter in Kentucky is always interesting. Any anticipation of "bad" weather always includes a run on the grocery store for bread, milk and whatever other "comfort foods" are within reaching distance as they dash through the store. It's quite humorous...if you don't need groceries. :)

Tonight we didn't need groceries (because I went this morning) but we did need all the candy trimmings to make our gingerbread house. If the winter storm really does come in (with sleet, freezing rain and snow) then the kids and I will be home from school tomorrow -- what a perfect day to erect the gingerbread house! We have a kit that we embellish with added goodies -- marshmallow snowmen, coconut for snow, ice cream cone trees, the works. Our kit goes from being the gingerbread slum to gingerbread mansion! So for the end of FHE we headed to the store to purchase our goodies and a FHE treat -- Oreo Klondike bars....yum!

So we are watching and waiting with anticipation for the winter storm, secretly hoping it is bad enough to give us a day off tomorrow....okay, maybe not so secretly hoping. Most anyone who know us know that we are always up for a good WINTER STORM!

*Pictures from our Walmart Supercenter....this is a sampling of the emptying of the shelves that happens with winter weather!

Jacob tried to make a bar code on his hand so he could scan himself....glad it didn't work because it would not be fun to have to pay for him again!

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