Friday, December 5, 2008

Dinner With Doug.....

Tonight we had our ward Christmas party and it was very nicely done! Each family, after telling how many you had in your party, was taken to a table to be seated for dinner to be served. We had the pleasure of sitting at a table with friends, Doug and Shawna. We always have pleasant conversations with them ....Doug is an avid outdoors man and knows everything there is to know about many things. He's the guy you want with you when you are canoeing down Elk Horn Creek in a thunder and lightening storm (yes, that is truly what happened!) We might have died that day if it weren't for Doug! (no kidding!) So Doug is the man you want on your team, hands down.

I learned something new tonight having dinner with Doug. I learned that Doug is the guy you want at your table for the ward Christmas dinner too! :)
Doug REALLY made me laugh tonight and the funniest thing was that he wasn't even trying!!! It's just the way and the timing in which he says what he says. When our ham dinner arrived and we were all enjoying our food, Doug in all his innocence said, "This is REAL ham!" I looked at him with a smirk on my face and questioned, "As opposed to what? Fake ham?" We all busted out laughing and Doug just looked at us and said, "What?"

So we all recover from laughing and we get some more mashed potatoes at our table. Shawna and Doug took some more potatoes and so did I. Shawna tasted first, then me. Something didn't taste right. Neither Shawna or I could pinpoint what the problem was but decided we didn't want to eat more because they didn't taste like our first serving did. Doug, looking like he was questioning our loyalty to the dinner, shrugged off what we said. Then Doug, the eternal optimist, took a little taste of the potatoes in question and said, "It just needs MORE sauce!" (referring to the small cup of sauce at the table that none of us could identify but according to Doug, was "okay") and then he promptly made a swimming pool of sauce over the potatoes and enjoyed the rest of his meal!!!
Maybe you just "had to be there" to experience how funny it sounded but it started us laughing all over again and that was when I knew that my next blog post had to be Dinner with Doug.
I am glad that Doug and Shawna are on our team and at our dinner table. I look forward to dinner again with you guys sometime! :) The evening was so nice that it even made the flat tire we had in the parking lot not seem so bad.... I'll save that for another post! :)

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Patty said...

ha ha ha! Sounds like a great time! And made me wonder if I will have something to blog about at our Christmas party tonight! Good Times!