Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Between June and August....

Tim has an appointment with his oncologist at the end of the month...well, he had an appointment.

They called to say they needed to "reschedule".

"Okay, we're flexible," I thought.

I'm thinking that it will be the following week or two.


The secretary cheerfully says, "We want to reschedule his appointment for August 10th."

I don't know what she thought happened to me on the other end of the phone but I couldn't respond immediately.

I stammer, "August??? That's 6 weeks past the appointment he had!"

She assured me she knew and that it was okay.


My thoughts are running wild....

"Okay?? Lady, let your husband get cancer and see if YOU think it's "okay" to wait 6 weeks beyond his appointment!"

I tell her he has aspiration pneumonia...will that matter to her? What if the x-ray next week isn't showing his lungs have cleared? What are we supposed to do then?

She tells me that we can call if there is problem. I finally agree to the appointment change but ask her again for the office telephone number so I can write it on the calendar on August 10th so if there is a problem there is no hunting for the number. I am not happy about the change.

I call Tim to tell him about the change. He always takes things way better than I do and while he's surprised, he's not stressed about it. I can feel that I am going to cry when I'm talking to him, and I do. I tell him that I just want things to matter to people like it was THEM that had cancer.
I know, another one of those unrealistic expectations. I seem to have a lot of those these days.
I will have to work on that while we wait.....between June and August.
Lamentations 3:25
"The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him."

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Patty said...

Loretta, I can truly feel your frustration and I so understand, even if particular circumstances are different. I want people to care as well! When did it become all about the business and no longer about the people? I get VERY tired of this very thing and feel I deal with it in every day occurrences! So, maybe you can call every other day and see if they had a cancellation until they get so tired of the calls, they just squeeze you in!!! Bwahaha! By the way, my word verification is ponsied. Don't know if it is a word but feels like something that happened to you as a result of a ponsie (sp?) scheme! ha ha Appropriate, isn't it?