Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alligator Wrestling...

Ahhh, summer vacation begins for the kids and I....what a sweet day! Well, the kids have a half day left but I am done since I will be off tomorrow because of Tim's PET scan. (Okay, I do have to go in for 4 hours on Saturday but I don't count that since there will be no kids in the school so it will be more like time out with friends instead of work.) :)

This week I've thought that maybe I should have a different job title. Instead of being a teacher's assistant I think alligator wrestler is more fitting in honor of needing to restrain a second grader during lunch time. It was much like wrestling an alligator -- something I am not eager to do again anytime soon!

It is a given that we all wear many hats on any given day but a few of my favorites are: ant killer, knife wielding watermelon slicer, watcher of the sunflower house, master hair brusher fixer upper, garden watering goddess, chief flower sniffer, soon to be a poolside sun worshipper and of course my new hat...alligator wrestler! :)


Patty said...

You an alligator wrestler and Tim a dragon slayer! Quite the dynamic duo!

Cretta said...

I LOVE the titles you have given yourself!
You are an alligator wrestler in more ways then you know.

Dotti said...

Contratulations! to you both! That is such good news and such a relief to you both I'm sure.