Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tim's Home Recipe

The folks at work were gathering bits of advice for a young lady's bridal shower tonight. Loretta asked me to share my contribution, so here it is:

Tim’s Home Recipe
  • Hold hands often
  • Remember, yelling won't win an argument or inspire a child
  • Leave a hand written note where your spouse will find it
  • Always refer to things as OUR money, OUR home, OUR kids
  • Watch John and Kate plus 8, then don't act like Kate... or John
  • Men are not mind readers, if we don't know what you're thinking, it does not mean we don't love you
  • Get down in the dirt with your kids
  • Never ridicule your spouse
  • Don't discuss intimate things with friends or family
  • Don't accept bad behavior as 'normal', we all need to be corrected occasionally
  • Pray together every night, have a ‘Family Night’ every week
  • There will be obstacles in your path, love each other enough to overcome them together, always.
  • Make God a central part of your family, worship together.

Please add some of your own, I would love to see some of your own recipes! ~Tim~


Sunshine said...

Love that recipe! One to make for a happy marriage I am sure! Thanks for visiting my blog! My Dad's whole family is from KY, by the way! The Price's! I am not sure where from, but I think there is a little town named after them.

John and Erin said...

This totally made me cry! Thank you soo much for that awesome reminder...Im printing off your list and framing it for my nightstand...You're awesome...

Coopers said...

Those are indeed great "recipes" for a happy marriage! We've been married for 31 years...and I can attest to the importance of showing your spouse respect. We still hold hands, he still opens the door for me, and he said his reason for living is to make me happy! Who wouldn't stay married to a man for 31 years who loves his wife so much! I loved the wedding picture of you guys...too adorable and sweet!

Debbi said...

Love the "recipe". Although it sounds like common sense, not many people see it that easily.
You both are very lucky to have found each were meant to be together. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!!!!