Monday, June 22, 2009

It's A Girl!

Abigail and Annah returned from 4-H to the news that Mia, our friend Sandy's Maltese, had her puppies!

Mia and the girls have become good friends since the start of summer with their evening walks. The girls expected the puppies to be born on Friday, the day they returned from camp, but Mia couldn't wait any longer and had them two days before the girls got back.

The girls could hardly contain their excitement when they read the news......the sign that was on the front door when they returned from camp!

Their eagerness to be able to get a sneak peek at what will soon become the newest member of the family could not be contained!
Yes, we are getting a puppy! Mia had two puppies, both girls, so we at least know we will have a girl! Abigail and Annah have been thinking up names and they think they have almost decided what the name will be. :)

The girls have wanted a puppy for a very long time. In fact, back in November I did a blog post that featured pictures of all the signs that Abigail put up all over the kitchen begging for a puppy.

So yes, the day has finally come that we are getting a puppy. Well, we don't have it yet because it is not old enough to leave its mom but when it is, we will be so happy to bring her home!


singingrae said...

How fun! I'm sure the girls will love that. What a cute picture of the brand new puppies! Sweet!

Patty said...

Many Congratulations and hard work lie ahead! Trust me I am in the throes of it myself. But it is worth it!

The Hicks of Kentucky said...

Awww! So cute!!! I LOVE dogs! Especially puppies!