Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meet The Fabulous Dr. O...

Several weeks ago, at the suggestion of my sister, Cretta, I complied a selection of blog posts from my blog, printed them out and had them bound creating a soft covered book to give to the fabulous Dr. O. At first I was nervous to do it but the more I thought about it the more I decided that I did want the fabulous Dr. O to know that he had been a very bright spot in an other wise very dark place for us 6 months ago. I wanted to share with him our journey and the gratefulness that we felt toward him for the care he has given to Tim. Tim and I both believe that the fabulous Dr. O and his recommended treatment was an answer to prayer and has prolonged Tim's life.

So, I delivered the book to Dr. O's office with a letter explaining what I was giving him and why. I told him that he wasn't obligated to read it or even look through the book but if he was inclined to do so, I wanted him to know that he had been a great blessing to us as we journey through cancer and that is why I wanted to share it with him. I told him that I didn't know how often doctor’s get to see the other side of the lives of their patients….the side of them that goes home with a diagnosis and then they begin to have to cope with what is, but that I thought that if I were a doctor it might be a nice thing to see my patient’s life beyond the office and beyond the diagnosis. I ended my letter by saying, "So this is for you, the fabulous Dr. O."

Today we had an appointment with said fabulous Dr. O. He entered the room with his usual cheerful disposition, greeting us and telling us how nice it was to see us as he shook our hands. He then thanked me for the book I had given him saying, "You are quite a writer!" and then asked me if I had always written. I had to confess that I hadn't and that I just did a blog for kicks and it was now my therapy. He thanked me again for sharing that with him. During the time he examined Tim he commented on Tim's facial hair growing back -- the last blog entry I put in the book was Tim's guest post titled "Of Woolly Worms and Fu Mancho"....I knew he had read to the end of the book by his comment and his smile! It was certainly my pleasure to be able to share a glimpse of our life with the one and only, fabulous Dr. O!

Before we left the office I asked Dr. O if I could take his picture with Tim so I could put it on my blog and he said yes! I also asked him if he was offended that I said one of my posts that he looked like Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings -- he said he wasn't. :)

P.S. The other day I did a blog post titled "Alligator Wrestling". In it I said:

It is a given that we all wear many hats on any given day but a few of my favorites are: ant killer, knife wielding watermelon slicer, watcher of the sunflower house, master hair brusher fixer upper, garden watering goddess, chief flower sniffer, soon to be a poolside sun worshipper and of course my new hat...alligator wrestler! :)

Well, today Dr. O gave me another "hat" -- he called me "keeper of the records" as he handed me Tim's PET scan CD's and papers for scheduling another x-ray to look into his chest in a few weeks to see if his case of aspiration pneumonia is improving. I like the title of "keeper of the records". I am in many ways the "keeper of the records". Through my blog I am a keeper of the record that tells of our walk through life. So, I will proudly add it to the many other titles I have in my life. :)

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Coopers said...

The fabulous Dr. O was my late Uncle Glenn's doc and he is mine as well. He is indeed a good doctor! I'm sure he loved reading your blog!