Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Few Wonderful Things....

Wonderful Things About Snow & Ice
*All last week off from school!

*Saturday and Sunday no radiation to go to :) (although I woke up on Saturday morning panicked that we were late for radiation!)..okay, that one had nothing to do with snow and ice but it is wonderful just the same!

*A two hour delay for school on Monday!

*Tuesday we began school on time but we got out early because of more snow!

*Another snow day on Wednesday!

*Red cheeks, cold ears, and smiling faces :)

*Hot chocolate and warm spiced apple cider

*Drying snowy, wet clothes in the dryer because the kids got soaked from sledding


Patty said...

We reached 80 degrees yesterday! I am not seeing snow in our forecast any time soon :(

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

Cute pictures of your kids! Glad to see you all enjoying the time off school :)
I saw Jordan tonight at the stake center for basketball. It sounded like he is doing well and really enjoying school. He looked happy and still had that "glow" about him. Just though I'd let ya know you've done a great job with your kiddos.
Loving and thinking of you.

sweetsusan said...

Glad that you are enjoying all of the cold--you can have it. Glad that all is going well with Tim. Take care and stay warm.