Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Today is Jacob's 15th birthday! His day began with a ward basketball game. I thought that maybe the opposing team would let them win being it was Jacob's birthday but I guess they weren't that into giving him a birthday present. :)

Abigail also had a basketball game --her first game! WOO-HOO! It was really exciting for her even though they didn't have enough jersey's for all the girls so the newbie's had to wear their brother's shirts...who had played the game before them! Poor Abigail played her first basketball game in her brother's sweaty shirt! BWHAHAHAHA! But, they did WIN the game! :)

Jacob didn't want to make a big fuss about his birthday -- he just wanted to have a gathering of his friends. So he invited lots of kids from the ward and we had pizza rolls, chips, dips, candy and soda. Because it wasn't an actual "birthday" party I wasn't even thinking CAKE so I didn't make or buy one! (oops!) When I realized that this morning I asked Jacob what I should do. While he was thinking I said, "I could put candles in your pizza rolls!" Being Jacob, he liked that idea! Since the pizza rolls were hot we couldn't use candles so we used wooden matches! :)

The only problem with wooden matches is that they burn out quick in fact that we had to sing Happy birthday in hyper-speed so he could still have a few to blow out! :) Happy Birthday, my boy! I love you bunches!


Coopers said...

It looked like a very fun time was had by all! Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!

Vest Family said...

The matches in the pizza rolls cracked me up! LOL
Happy Birthday Jacob!
Tim and your family remain in our prayers.
With love,

Marissa said...

What a fun kid that Jacob is. It's no wonder he has so many friends! Look at all those kids! I love the matches in the pizza rolls too :)