Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Make A Heck of a Mouth Rinse!

Tim gets to have a special mouth rinse. It began with water with salt boiled and then adding baking soda. He's now graduated to something stronger...the pain killer mouth rinse. The recipe of water, salt and baking soda is the same but I now add Lidocaine and Benadryl -- yum, yum.

Finished product...made fresh everyday.


The Vallieres Family said...

Hi Loretta! I saw your blog from Sierra's page, you're amazing. I'm sorry to hear about Tim's diagnosis. My mom is going through severe breast cancer right now and it's good to hear someone else's perspective on the cancer monster! Thanks for sharing!

Mariah said...

Hey there! I have lots of the lidocaine and benadryl mix if you ever run out!! Trystan doesn't use it as much as he should so therefore we have tons. I also pointed out to Trystan that Tim was wearing his mask at church. Maybe he needs to spend some time with Brother Valenta! You are such an amazing wife and mother!