Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday...

We love Fridays. Friday's are good. It is the end of a long week of Monday-Friday radiation appointments . Friday means a two day break is coming soon.

This Friday we began with an early breakfast and a little one on one time with the computer. Tim's laptop has felt very neglected lately so he is trying to remedy the situation.

Then we had a police escort into Lexington for radiation.... not really, that's our neighbor who was headed to work and he happens to be a policeman and we just happened to be following him on our way in...until someone was speeding and he had to end our escort. :)

When we got to the cancer center we happen to see Jordan (#3 son) crossing the parking lot! He's a college student at UK and his dorm is right across the street from where we go in!

I had company while waiting for Tim....ahh..another waiter.

*Since getting the feeding tube Tim is needing a wheelchair to get to radiation. I don't know that I will ever understand why they make cancer patients hike 2 miles to their radiation treatments. You'd think in designing a cancer hospital someone would have planned a closer entrance for these people whose energy and spirits are lacking most days. Maybe they think a nice long walk would improve their mood. I can tell you it's not working so far!

While waiting I found this very reassuring article... This is good to know.

While on our way to another appointment after radiation we saw BOT 2 in the hallway. Bot 2 is a Robot who carries patient lab specimens to different places in the hospital. It made me laugh to see him -- he travels down the hallway following every curve of the hallways, stopping if people walk in front of him and stopping at hall intersections before proceeding! (He follows magnetic strips in the flooring, that's how he knows where to go)

The sign on BOT 2 was a says:
"If I get into trouble please call home for me at...."
then it lists a number to call! BWHAHAHAHA!
Once back in the van it was lunch time. We had Tim's lunch with time I will have to remember to bring mine along so we could at least have lunch together. :)


Patty said...

wow! It is all quite a process. Stuff you never thought you would need to know. Sounds like you are getting it down. I love Bot 2! That is hilarious. But, wait, does that mean one less job for some poor student???

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

Rob is doing his thesis on health care design...I'll let him know that Cancer patients need to be right inside the door :)
You and Tim make an amazing team...the cancer has some tough competition with the two of you! Love you guys and miss seeing you at church!

gramee said...

you have an award wating on my blog for you no hurry
picking it up..

Courtney said...

oh my goodness! tyler and i saw the Bot 2 robot thingy one day a few weeks ago! we both like started freaking out and screaming.... like in a funny way though.... it was hilarious!
i feel so sorry for you guys. i mean, a feeding tube... that has to be terrible! i am sooo sorry!