Friday, August 7, 2009

Surgical Defect...

Yesterday took us to Tim's radiology oncologist, Dr. K , for Tim's routine check up. Tim is currently 5 months out of radiation and things are looking good!

When Dr. K had to leave the room I couldn't resist taking a quick picture of Tim's medical records from the past 8 months. He's got one FAT history for such a thin guy!

Dr. K really likes Tim. I think he most enjoys Tim's sense of humor. Tim made him really belly laugh yesterday when Dr. K was discussing Tim's surgery site on the left side of his neck. Dr. K described Tim's neck area as having a "surgical defect" meaning his neck is not normal anymore and certain things are to be expected because of that "surgical defect".

When Dr. K said the words "surgical defect" there was silence. Tim and the doctor looked at each other and Tim finally spoke, "Gee, I've never been told that I had a defect before. I'm just trying to process that." He said it with such deadpan humor that Dr. K wasn't sure whether it was a time to be silent because Tim was seriously offended or if he should laugh. If not for the muffled chuckle from the resident standing behind
Dr. K, he and Tim might still be locked in silent stare! Once the resident snickered, Dr. K realized Tim was being funny and boy did he laugh!!! In fact, his laughter was so prolonged that it made us laugh that HE was so amused! If I were a doctor I would look forward to seeing Tim come into the office! He's just a great guy with a great sense of humor and positive outlook!

So with that check up out of the way Tim has another appointment with his regular oncologist on Monday. Knowing that appointment was coming up Dr. K wants Tim to have another CT scan done just to see what's going on in his throat and lungs. That was kind of a surprise to us to need the scan done because we were thinking that the next scans would be in September -- three months from the last ones that were done.

So today Tim will have another CT and we will again hold our breath and pray that all is well. I so wish we didn't have to feel that "knot in your stomach" feeling wondering what the test will reveal but that is seemingly par for the course when you travel the cancer road. But, we are together on the road with total dependency on the Lord so it is never a road that we travel alone. We are traveling a strange road but it is familiar to the Lord and that is what we depend on. We could not have a better traveling companion.

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Vest Family said...

We are certainly praying for all of you. Best wishes, Tim!