Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Library Fines and Happy Hour at the Pump....

Last night was Family Night. The kids wanted to go to the library (well, all except Jacob who did decide to grace us with his presence without too much hassle). After spending some time searching for books fit to be taken home and looking at a few recent issues of magazines, we headed for the checkout.

Abigail was first. The nice older lady scanned her card and announced that she owed $4 in fines. She said we could pay it another time but Tim was good enough to open his wallet and offer up what was needed.

Then Annah was next. With a chuckle the nice older lady announced that Annah had $2 in fines. We chuckled too and commented on how if this kept up with every one's library cards our trip to get ice cream after the library was going to be cancelled!

My turn next. Uh-oh....$1.50 on mine. By this time the nice older lady was getting quite a charge out of this and said, "Gee, this is fun!" HA! It made us laugh and we said, "Well, we're glad YOU think so!" :)

For good measure Tim offered up his library card and although he wasn't checking anything out on it he asked the nice older lady to check his card too. His was the cheapest one -- 50 cents. That trip to the free public library cost us $8!!! I guess the "free" part is only when you return the borrowed items on time. That is where we are memory challenged! We really need to work on that.

We did go for ice cream afterwards -- McDonald's for sundaes. As we went through the drive-thru we were reminiscing about all the fines we had racked up and the comment was made about how each one of us had fines on our cards. I added that Jacob's card was the only one that didn't have fines on it. Jacob then said that was because he didn't have a library card. I asked why he didn't have a card and Abigail quickly responded, "You don't have a library card because you can't even sign your name!" Annah happily added, "And you don't know how to read!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice sisters they are!

Just after eating our sundaes we saw this sign at a gas station.....

What do you suppose that even means????

While we still don't know what it means, we did have our own little happy hour between the library fines and the sundaes!


GRAMEE said...

oh i was so sure to tale my last "book" back on time..it was an audio book and i was afraid it had a larger fine than regular books.. i didn't have to find out. it made it on time.
this is the first time since my kids were young since i have had a card..
probably because i was so sick of fines before.. lol!!

Patty said...

Hey Loretta, Sounds like a great FHE! And the happy hour might be half price drinks, at least that is what it is when I see a sign around here, even at the gas station!!!